Senior Analyst, Information Technology (Platform)

21 Sep
Work arrangement
  • You will be part of the Platform Engineering team and will be the subject matter expert on automation and innovation providing direction and enforcement on technical excellence.
  • You will work closely with the Platform Manager, and cross-functional teams to drive innovation and deliver efficiency.


  • Design and implement automation frameworks for all aspects of the application lifecycle, including build, test, and deployment
  • Perform operations tasks such as monitoring application performance and ensuring it is compliant with the team's standards
  • Monitor application performance to ensure that the platform can handle existing and future demand
  • Investigate new / emerging technologies, innovations, and opportunities
  • Review cross-functional team's codes, processes, and applications to ensure they meet quality, security, and performance standards
  • Working closely with other engineering teams to design new features or improve existing ones
  • Conduct prototyping/POC that benefits the team and organization


  • Degree in Computer Sciences / Software Engineering / Information Technology or equivalent
  • 5+ years of professional experience in full stack development, architectural design, and cloud technologies

Key Skills

  • Proficient working knowledge of backend development e.g. C#, NodeJS, Java, Kotlin, Swift, etc
  • Proficient working knowledge of frontend development e.g. Angular, VueJS, React, etc
  • Extensive knowledge/experience in Application development and CI/CD
  • Experienced with writing automated tests in e.g. JEST, XUnit, CodeceptJS, XCode, Mockito, etc
  • Strong knowledge of architectural patterns e.g. MVP, MVC, MVVM, and Clean Architecture
  • Experienced in debugging and optimizing application
  • Experienced in system observability such as cloud watch, Dynatrace, etc
  • Experienced with Git or any source code version control system
  • Experienced with Gitlab or any other DevOps platform.
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