Community Manager

Singapore, South Korea, Japan
23 Feb
Work arrangement
  • Manage social media in Japan and Korea
  • Engage, organise and executive campaign events
  • Monitor and analyse performance in community trends

Community Manager

Company Description

Multi-layered EVM-Compatible PoS public blockchain. The members have been involved in blockchain game (henceforth BCG) development for over four years. They created My Crypto Heros, which at one time had the largest number of BCG users in the world, and have tried and improved BCGs in their infancy. This provides BCG developers with a highly flexible NFT/FT implementation and IP security, and BCG users with innovative UX improvements (no gas fees, instant processing).

Their founding members includes the CEO of Namco Bandai Labs, COO of SEGA Corporation, and Gabby of Yield Guild Games, aim to support the world's most innovative BCG developments with their game-specific blockchain technology for global deployment. Currently looking for a Community Manager to join them


-       Manage social media accounts for the company in Japan and Korea

-       Engage with community members and respond to their inquiries

-       Organize and execute community events and campaigns

-       Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and execute community initiatives

-       Monitor and analyze the performance of community initiative

-       Identify and report on trends and insights from the community


-       Experience in community management in gaming industry

-       Native or fluent in Japanese, Korean and English

-       Strong understanding of the culture and social media landscape in Japan and Korea

-       Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

-       Strong writing and editing skills

-       Ability to work independently and in a team

-       Strong attention to detail and ability to multitask

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